Is Zeolite Spray Or Drops Better Than Powder?

Zeolite clinoptilolite is an all-natural mineral that can be used for body detox and the promotion of a healthy immune system. Zeolite spray provides a safe and effective cellular cleanse by helping your body remove positively charged toxins and heavy metals.

What is Natural Zeolite Clinoptilolite?

Mineral zeolite clinoptilolite is composed of alkaline water and volcanic ashes. Together, the water and volcanic ash form zeolite crystals which are one of the few negatively charged minerals occurring naturally on the earth.

Zeolite formation can take thousands of years. Similarly to a diamond, zeolite is formed when elements are exposed to incredibly high pressure over long periods of time.

Natural zeolite has a honeycomb structure, often called a zeolite cage. The zeolite cage can absorb heavy metals and trap toxins that can be harmful to both your body and the environment. Both natural zeolites and synthetic zeolites have detoxification benefits, but natural zeolite clinoptilolite is generally considered the better choice.

What Are the Health Benefits of Using Zeolite Clinoptilolite?

Zeolite spray or drops help with the body’s natural detoxification process to systemically detoxify heavy metals through a process called a cationic exchange. Zeolite has a negative charge that acts like a magnet for positively charged toxins.

Toxic heavy metals include magnesium ion, lead, arsenic, mercury, and other positively charged toxins. Positively charged toxins accumulate in the body through inhaling polluted air, drinking water from old or outdated water supply systems, eating fish, or working closely with heavy metals.

People who live in highly industrialized areas are more likely to be exposed to toxic chemicals and heavy metals. However, air and water pollution have become a problem all over the world. Even people living in rural areas will be exposed to some types of toxins.

Using a zeolite spray or other types of zeolite supplements can offset ongoing toxic exposure with very few negative side effects.

1. Capture and Eliminate Toxins

It is impossible to avoid exposure to toxins. Toxins accumulate in the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat, no matter how careful you are. Zeolite clinoptilolite can provide systemic detoxification for the entire body. Natural zeolite forms zeolite crystals that trap volatile organic compounds and provide optimal detoxification for the body.

Using zeolite crystals for a body detox allows your cells to carry out normal bodily processes more easily and efficiently.

2. Helps Eliminate Heavy Metals

Most harmful heavy metals are positively charged toxins, and natural zeolite clinoptilolite is a negatively charged ion, also known as an anion. Zeolite clinoptilolite works like a magnet, trapping positively charged toxins and helping the body remove heavy metals.

When the zeolite attracts positively charged toxins, it moves them through the blood and into the kidneys. The kidneys are then able to excrete both the zeolite particles and the heavy metals through the urine.

3. Eliminates Carcinogens

Many normal bodily functions produce free radicals. Free radicals can cause tissue damage and even cancer. Most zeolite supplements or zeolite sprays can reduce your cancer risk by trapping free radicals and providing a natural detox for your body’s cells.

4. Aids Healthy Digestion

Not only does zeolite intake have detoxification benefits, it can also help you absorb more beneficial minerals and vitamins through your digestive system. Both raw zeolite and synthetic zeolites can bind to ammonia, which is harmful to the intestinal wall. When the zeolite cage traps toxins like ammonia, the intestines are able to function properly and absorb helpful nutrients instead of harmful heavy metals.

5. Balances pH Levels

pH is a measure of acidity. When your body’s pH is out of balance, you may feel sick or tired. Zeolite spray or hydrated zeolite can help keep your body acidity from getting too high or too low.

6. Super Antioxidant

Antioxidants help eliminate free radicals that can cause damage to all of your body tissues. It is well known that superfoods like blueberries are full of antioxidants. However, you may be surprised to hear that zeolite spray, hydrated zeolite, and most other zeolite supplements also have incredible antioxidant power.

7. Strengthens Your Cardiovascular System

Many healthcare experts state that the only way to strengthen your cardiovascular system is to lose weight, mess with your diet, and exercise like crazy. Recent studies suggest that combining a healthy diet with an extra-strength detoxification supplement like zeolite spray may help lower your bad cholesterol, helping prevent dangerous cardiovascular problems like heart attack and stroke.

8. Strengthens Your Immune System

Using a zeolite spray like Pure Body Extra’s zeolite or Root Brand’s Clean Slate can boost your body’s natural immunity. Your body’s immune system is responsible for fighting off harmful viruses and bacteria. Zeolite spray has antiviral properties and has been shown to be effective against some coronaviruses and caliciviruses.

Zeolite cages can trap viruses in the body the same way they trap heavy metals and excrete them through the urine.

Some people choose to use zeolite spray to clean their homes or use zeolite spray on high-touch surfaces like doorknobs. Using this cleaning strategy can reduce the spread of illness.

Are There Any Side Effects of Using Zeolite Detoxes?

Zeolite is a natural mineral that traps positively charged toxins, eliminating toxins and using a detoxification process that is safe for most people. In fact, using a high-quality zeolite spray or zeolite purified with a proprietary cleansing process has been shown to be very safe.

Unlike heavy metals, zeolite spray, powdered zeolites, and liquid zeolite are all eliminated from the body in about 8 hours.

One of the most common side effects of using zeolite is dehydration. Make sure that you drink at least 10-12 glasses of water each day while taking zeolite. Signs of dehydration might include dry mouth, fatigue, headache, and muscle pain.

Because zeolite can bind so strongly to positively charged toxins and heavy metals, there is some risk that it can also bind to certain medications. If you currently take a prescription medication, talk to your doctor about your plans to add zeolite spray to your health routine.

Be especially cautious if you are taking chemotherapy mediation, anti-rejection medication, or antibiotics. Zeolite is known to interact with these medications. In addition, the effect of zeolite on your immune system can change the way that your body reacts to these important medications.

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What is Hydrated Liquid Zeolite?

Hydrated zeolite is a zeolite that has been suspended in a liquid. Manufacturing zeolite spray or other forms of liquid zeolite requires more than just soaking natural clinoptilolite in water. In order to keep the zeolite cages intact and able to eliminate heavy metals, supplement companies must use their proprietary cleansing process to keep the zeolite purified and free from any contaminants.

Hydrated zeolite spray is created when a company’s proprietary cleansing process loads the zeolite with beneficial minerals and clean filtered water. This ensures a high-quality, safe, and effective product.

How Do You Use Hydrated Zeolite Liquid for Body Detoxification Naturally?

Zeolite can be taken by mouth, either on an empty stomach or with food. It can be taken first thing in the morning or right before bed. You can safely ingest zeolite spray several times each day.

In order to get the maximum detox benefit from using zeolite supplements, you must make sure you are getting adequate filtered water intake as well as choosing a natural zeolite product. Choosing zeolite spray or other supplements from a trustworthy company that uses a proprietary cleansing process ensures that there will not be any heavy metals or other dangerous additives in your zeolite.

Some experts recommend using zeolite spray as an advanced daily cellular detox every day for up to 50 days. Using natural clinoptilolite for a natural detox from heavy metals and other toxic chemicals can be repeated two times each year.

Storing your zeolite spray is easy since the mineral is extremely stable at both high and low temperatures. Some zeolite supplements have other minerals or vitamins added to them, so make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions about the storage, and do not keep your product past its expiration date.

Does a Liquid Zeolite Suspension Actually Work?

Skeptics may be hesitant to spend money on a supplement that promises to detoxify heavy metals, improve immune system function, promote cardiovascular health, and eliminate carcinogens without any side effects. A natural mineral with that many benefits and so few risks sounds too good to be true.

While the FDA does not list zeolite spray as a medication, researchers continue to find evidence showing the health benefits of zeolite spray. Reputable scientific journals including Environmental Engineering Science, Molecules, and the Journal of the American Chemical Society have published articles highlighting the benefits of zeolite supplementation.

Besides the encouraging data being released by the scientific community, many customers leaving online testimonials and product reviews rave about the positive changes they have noticed after adding a zeolite spray to their daily routine.

Why Are Liquid Zeolites Better Than Powdered?

Unlike powdered zeolites, using hydrated zeolite creates a more effective zeolite supplement. This is because powdered zeolite supplements often contain some of the positively charged toxins you are trying to eliminate. Combining the zeolite crystals with heavy metals makes the zeolite cages completely ineffective.

Many experts advocate liquid zeolite over powdered zeolite, stating that a liquid zeolite suspension is more likely to leave intact zeolite cages. The process of creating powdered zeolites can destroy the structure of the zeolite cages, which makes them unable to provide optimal detoxification.

Manufacturers of products like pure body extra zeolite spray state that their unique activated hydrated zeolite can start eliminating heavy metals from the body within just a few minutes. Powdered zeolites are more likely to have dysfunctional zeolite cages that do not eliminate heavy metals at all.


Zeolite spray is a safe and effective way to improve your health by eliminating heavy metals from your system. While heavy metals and other toxic substances are often unavoidable, you can reverse some of their negative effects by adding zeolite to your daily routine.

Zeolite has been used for many years as a tool for water and air purification. More recently, it has been used to fight toxins, viral illness, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Zeolite spray has been found to be safe by the FDA, and researchers all over the world continue to explore the health benefits of this natural mineral. Zeolite has been used for years as a way to remove heavy metals from the air and water and has only recently been seriously studied for its usefulness inside the human body.

As with any kind of supplement, make sure that you do your research and only purchase zeolite from a reputable company. While zeolite can improve your health, purchasing a contaminated supplement can make your health worse.