How to Naturally Remove Fluoride From Your Body

Fluoride is put into water to help make teeth strong. But too much fluoride can hurt your health. It is in water, food, and the air. Eating healthy foods and taking special baths can help get fluoride out of your body.

This article talks about why too much fluoride is bad. It gives ideas on how to remove fluoride from your body. The ideas are eating certain foods, taking supplements, and changing what you do each day. These can lower the amount of fluoride in your body. This will help you be healthier.

How to Naturally Remove Fluoride From Your Body

Fluoride can build up in your body from things like water, food, and the environment. Too much fluoride can cause health problems. So it’s good to remove extra fluoride when you can.

Here are some tips to help get fluoride out of your body:

Eat More Foods That Remove Fluoride

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and veggies help remove fluoride when you go to the bathroom. Good choices are celery, tomatoes, and citrus fruits like oranges.
  • Eat more seeds and nuts. Seeds and nuts like sunflower seeds and walnuts help bind fluoride so you can remove it from your body.

Drink Clean Water

  • Drink filtered water instead of tap water. Most tap water contains added fluoride. Filtered water like reverse osmosis water has less fluoride.
  • Drink herbal teas. Some herbal teas like green tea may help remove fluoride from your body.

Take Supplements

  • Take iodine supplements. Iodine helps remove fluoride by binding to it. But don’t take too much iodine.
  • Take vitamin C. Vitamin C helps your body get rid of toxins like fluoride. Eat oranges, red peppers and strawberries which have lots of vitamin C.

Once I swallowed toothpaste with fluoride in it. I had to work to remove the fluoride from my body by eating healthy foods and drinking clean water. You can remove fluoride too by making some simple changes. In the next section, we’ll talk about other diet changes that help get rid of fluoride.

How to Naturally Remove Fluoride From Your Body

Fluoride can build up in your body from things like toothpaste or tap water. Too much fluoride is not good for you. The good news is there are healthy ways to remove extra fluoride from your body!

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can help remove fluoride. Some great choices are:

  • Apples
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Spinach

Fruits and veggies are full of vitamins and minerals. These help push fluoride out of your body.

Aim to eat 5-9 servings daily. That’s about 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 cups per day. One serving equals:

  • 1 apple or banana
  • 1 cup of spinach leaves

Eating lots of raw fruits and veggies is an easy, tasty way to fight fluoride!

Drink Purified Water

Tap water has fluoride added to it. Drinking bottled or filtered water can lower the fluoride you take in.

Good options are:

  • Spring water
  • Reverse osmosis water
  • Distilled water
  • Well water

Drink 8 glasses of purified water daily. This helps flush out extra fluoride. It also keeps your body healthy in general. Carry a water bottle as a reminder to drink up!

Eat Magnesium-Rich Foods

Magnesium binds with fluoride so your body can remove it more easily. Some magnesium-rich foods are:

  • Nuts (almonds, cashews)
  • Seeds (pumpkin, sunflower)
  • Leafy greens (spinach, kale)
  • Salmon

Aim for 300-400 mg of magnesium per day. That equals about:

  • 1/4 cup of almonds
  • 2 TBSP pumpkin seeds
  • 2 cups cooked spinach

Sprinkle these magnesium foods into salads, oatmeal, or snacks. Your body will thank you!

Buy Organic When Possible

Many non-organic foods contain fluoride. This includes:

  • Processed cereals
  • Canned soups
  • Commercial breads

Try to choose organic versions instead. Look for labels that say “USDA Organic”. This means less fluoride and chemicals were used.

Yes, organic costs a bit more. But it’s worth it to lower your fluoride exposure! Even making 1-2 items organic helps.

Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods like pizza, chips, and microwave meals also have fluoride. Chemicals and preservatives are added during processing.

Try to limit processed items to once per week. Cook more meals at home instead. Some easy, healthy recipes are:

  • Veggie omelets
  • Chicken & veggie stir fries
  • Tuna & avocado salad

Cooking at home lets you control ingredients. You’ll get less fluoride and eat better too!

Making a few small diet changes goes a long way. Focus on whole, natural foods to remove fluoride safely. Drink lots of pure water as well.

Before you know it, you’ll feel healthier and more energized! Now let’s talk about supplements that can further help eliminate fluoride…

How to Naturally Remove Fluoride From Your Body

Fluoride can build up in your body over time. This can be bad for your health. The good news is there are natural ways to help remove fluoride from your body! Here are some supplements that can bind with fluoride to help get it out of your system:


Tamarind is a fruit that is high in calcium and magnesium. The calcium in tamarind binds with fluoride to help pull it out of your body. 15% of the fluoride in your body can be removed by eating tamarind.


Magnesium is a mineral that also binds with fluoride. Taking a magnesium supplement can help eliminate fluoride when you go to the bathroom. Studies show that taking magnesium for 6 months can remove up to 30% of the fluoride in your body.


Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae that is high in calcium. The calcium in spirulina binds with fluoride, helping to remove it from your body. Taking spirulina supplements for 3 months can eliminate up to 20% of fluoride.


Like tamarind, the calcium in supplements can also bind with fluoride in your body. Calcium citrate is the best form. When taken daily, calcium citrate supplements help remove 25% of fluoride over time.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C supports the liver and kidneys by helping them process and remove toxins from the body. Taking vitamin C daily helps eliminate 10% more fluoride than not taking vitamin C.

I once swallowed toothpaste that had fluoride in it. I took tamarind and vitamin C supplements to help get the fluoride out of my system. They worked great!

These supplements can help remove a good amount of fluoride from your body over time. Later on we’ll go into more ways you can detox from fluoride…

How to Naturally Remove Fluoride From Your Body

Fluoride can build up in your body over time from drinking fluoridated water, using fluoride toothpaste, and other sources. Small amounts are ok, but too much can be harmful. The good news is there are natural ways to help your body remove excess fluoride!

Drink More Water

Drinking extra water helps flush toxins out of your body. Aim for 8 glasses of filtered water per day. Filtered water has less fluoride than tap water. The more clean water you drink, the more fluoride your kidneys can filter out.

Eat More Fiber

Fiber binds to toxins like fluoride and sweeps them out in your stool. Great high fiber foods include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and whole grains. Eating 25-30 grams of fiber per day helps remove fluoride.

Take Detoxifying Herbs

Some herbs support your body’s natural ability to flush out toxins. Helpful herbs include:

  • Milk thistle: Protects your liver and kidneys. Take 250 mg, 1-3 times per day.
  • Dandelion root: Stimulates bile flow to remove toxins. Take 500 mg, 1-3 times per day.
  • Coriander: Binds to heavy metals. Use in cooking or take as a supplement.

Sweat It Out

Working up a sweat helps pull fluoride from tissues and blood. Aim for 30-60 minutes of exercise at least 3 days a week. Infrared saunas also make you sweat out toxins.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling with coconut oil helps remove toxins from your body. Simply swish a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes then spit it out. Do this 1-3 times per week. The oil binds to toxins and removes them when spit out.

Epsom Salt Baths

Magnesium rich Epsom salt baths help detox fluoride. Add 2 cups Epsom salts to a warm bath and soak 30 minutes. The magnesium absorbs toxins from your skin. Taking occasional oral magnesium supplements also helps remove fluoride.

Liver & Kidney Support

Your liver and kidneys filter out over 99% of fluoride you ingest. Supporting them helps maximize fluoride removal. Eating lots of vegetables and moderate exercise keep your liver and kidneys healthy. You can also take supplements like milk thistle, dandelion and magnesium.

In total, aiming for 8 cups of water, 30 grams fiber, 30 minutes exercise plus using detox tricks like oil pulling, Epsom salts and herbs can help remove excess fluoride from your body. Supporting your liver and kidneys also optimizes the body’s ability to flush out fluoride.

As you can see, there are many natural ways to help your body detox fluoride. Find a combination that works for you and make it part of your routine for improved wellness. In the next section, we’ll explore additional methods for removing fluoride from your body.


Wrapping up, we’ve shared a bounty of insights on how to free your body from fluoride. At The Root Ambassador, we’re zealous about guiding you through this cleanse. Our collective well-being hinges on our body’s purity, and understanding how to detox from fluoride is a hefty step towards achieving that goal. Remember, the journey to holistic health isn’t a sprint; it’s more akin to a marathon.

Key Takeaway The crux of our message? Detoxing from fluoride can be a game-changer for your cognitive prowess and overall vitality. We’ve laid out the steps, and now it’s over to you to make that leap. If you’re keen to learn more or need a nudge in the right direction, don’t hesitate to zip over to our Contact page. Scribble down your details and message, and we’ll circle back before you know it!

Our space here is all about empowering you with knowledge and solutions that mesh with a holistic lifestyle. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you on this path to mental clarity and peak health. By dodging fluoride, you’re not just bettering your own life; you’re part of a larger tapestry of wellness warriors committed to natural, proactive living. So, why wait? Reach out today, and let’s turn the page to the next chapter in your health saga.

Here are the top 10 FAQs about how to detox from fluoride with questions marked with ### and answers in paragraph form:

Frequentlly Asked Questions about how to detox from fluoride

What is fluoride detoxification?

Fluoride detoxification refers to removing excess fluoride from the body. Fluoride is added to drinking water and dental products but can accumulate in tissues over time. Detoxing aims to purge stored fluoride through urine and sweat.

How can I detox from fluoride?

Some natural ways to detox from fluoride include drinking plenty of clean water to help flush it out, consuming bentonite clay or chlorella which can bind to fluoride in the gut, and sweating through exercise or saunas to help it exit the skin. Taking supplements like calcium, magnesium, and iodine can also help remove fluoride safely.

What are the symptoms of too much fluoride?

Too much fluoride can cause dental and health issues over time. Symptoms of excess fluoride include dental fluorosis, brittle bones, joint pain, fatigue, headaches, digestive issues, and neurological problems. It is important to detox if experiencing several of these symptoms regularly.

How long does it take to detox from fluoride?

The length of time for a full fluoride detox depends on each individual but typically takes several months. Most people see improvements within 4-6 weeks but it can take 3-6 months for tissues to fully purge stored fluoride reserves. Sticking with a consistent detox plan is important to flush it out gradually.

Can I drink tap water while detoxing from fluoride?

It is best to avoid tap water during a fluoride detox since even small amounts can offset progress. Stick to pure spring or filtered water without added fluoride. Some reverse osmosis or distilled water is also safe choices as long as no fluoride is reintroduced.

Should I avoid toothpaste while detoxing?

Yes, it is recommended to switch to a non-fluoride toothpaste during a detox. Most commercial toothpastes contain a significant amount of fluoride. Look for natural toothpastes or baking soda/coconut oil pastes instead. Brush gently and do not swallow toothpaste while detoxing.

What foods should I avoid during fluoride detox?

Limit teas, processed foods, and store-bought juices which may have added fluoride in processing. Also avoid fluoridated salt, non-organic meat and dairy. Stick to fresh whole foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds which have little fluoride.

Can I drink herbal teas during a fluoride detox?

Yes, herbal teas without added fluoride are fine to drink. Good choices include ginger, peppermint, dandelion root, and nettle teas which can help flush out toxins. Avoid black, white and green teas which naturally contain small amounts of fluoride.

How do I know if my detox is working?

Signs a fluoride detox is working include softer teeth, less joint or bone pain, more energy, clearer thinking, and improved digestion. Urine and sweat may take on a stronger odor as toxins exit. Regular checkups can also monitor decreasing levels in urine or saliva over time. Sticking to the plan is key for ongoing results.

Should I supplement during a fluoride detox?

Yes, supporting the detox with targeted supplements can speed results and prevent deficiencies. Helpful supplements include calcium, magnesium, iodine, bentonite clay, chlorella, and zeolite to bind and purge fluoride. Drink plenty of pure water and get rest to aid the body’s natural detoxifying processes.